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Thomas Legal Yates

Currently, 28,859 ships, 45,742 sailors, 1,060 actions/battles and countless other items are listed on this page. Royal Navy Officers of the Seven Years War provides detailed reference information on over 2,000 Royal Navy officers: all whose career as officers included the Seven Years` War (1756–1763). Also included are officers who were commissioned during and after 1748 and who died before 1756. Individual entries, which come primarily from approximately 15,000 original records from the National Archives, include pre-commissioned officer positions and ship assignments, as well as other naval and civilian appointments. Genealogical information such as dates of birth, death and marriage, as well as the names and dates of the agent`s immediate family, are also included for most entries. As the first reference work published since 1849 to include this level of detail for all Royal Navy officers at the time, Royal Navy Officers of the Seven Years provides unprecedented access to information that was not previously published. You can purchase a copy by clicking here. Merchant in Kingston, Jamaica, in partnership with James Cockburn (q.v.) in Cockburn & Yates (q.v.) and son of Ambrose Nicholas Yates (q.v.), who returned to the UK in time to make claims, but later died. Listed in the archives as Thomas Legal Yates. A member of the Baillie of Dochfour family, which had extensive business connections in the West Indies.

Compensation for Baillie`s Bacolet in Grenada was awarded to the trustees of their marriage contract. Granddaughter of Colin Roy Campbell of Glenmure. Apparently a victim of Harley Street quack John St. John Lang in 1830. In recent years, Three Decks has become the leading web resource for research on naval history in the age of sails. Three Decks provides detailed information about ships, crew, shipyards, shipyards, naval actions, geographic locations, etc., including general information about ranks, appointments, and nations involved. Even the National Maritime Museum is linked to us (VERY proud of that). Thomas Legal Yates appears as purser on HMS Galatea (1776) from 1785 to 1789.

[4] Thomas Legall (or Legal) Yates was elected to the Jamaican House of Assembly in 1820 for the community of Port Royal. [1] [2] Our first book, Royal Navy Officers of the Seven Years War, is now available. If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, questions, or additional information, email me at ]]> or add a comment to a page. It is believed to be the Thomas Legal Yates of Great Britain registered in the slave registers with his agent/lawyer as Thomas Legal Yates (this second Thomas Legal Yates died in Britain in 1835 but had children in Jamaica in the 1820s, except around 1822 when he recorded a baptism in London and when James Cockburn depicted him in Jamaica). To find what you want, please use the menu above or the link buttons below. The latter two claims indicate that it was filed by Brockhurst Lodge Hampshire (counterclaim T71/1195 at Port Royal No. 180; T71 / 867 St Thomas-in-the-East n° 342). Most of the other claims indicate that he is absent. Uncle of Thomas Legall Yates of Brockhurst and half-brother of Ambrose Nicholas Yates. He married Mary Beckford (1761–1813), daughter of Ballard Beckford (1732–1764) and died about 1832. It is not known whether this Thomas Yates was the Kingston merchant (1784-1835), or his uncle, also Thomas Legall Yates (1752-1832). [3] QUOTE FROM THIS REVIEW: “Thomas Legall Yates,” Legacies of British Slavery database, [accessed 3 December 2022].

The dates listed below have different categories, identified by the letters in parentheses after each date. Here`s a key to explaining these letter codes: The award was paid in several arbitral awards Yates sought from his executor Barnaby Maddan (Port Royal Nos. 3, 172 and 216; St. Andrew`s Nos. 197, 491 and 522; St. George No. 205). In addition, James Cockburn filed claims on behalf of Thomas Legall Yates and himself as mortgagee (Port Royal No. 76), trustee (Kingston No. 669) and assignee (Kingston No.

1490). Yates himself filed a counterclaim on St. David No. 86, Port Royal No. 180; and St. Thomas-in-the-East No. 342. See separate entry for Thomas Legall Yates of Brockhurst.

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