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You must have the mobile phone documentation ready to make the report when you contact the operator who asks you a few questions to check the line recording and then the mobile phone will be blocked. You can view the IMEI of a mobile phone (international identity of a mobile device, 15-digit code) both physically and logically. I leave you a step-by-step video to check if a phone is reported stolen via the IMEI. You can check if a mobile phone is reported stolen in ARCOTEL via the phone`s IMEI: in the ONLINE AUTHORISATION PROCEDURE, you can submit applications for approval of mobile phones and other telecommunications equipment, free of charge. If your phone is not approved and you are wondering how to homologate a mobile phone in Ecuador, I will now explain how to do it. Consulting with the IMEI of a mobile phone is the first step to find out if the phone you are going to buy is legal or not. The first thing to do is to ask the operator where we have the line to block the chip of our mobile phone. You can contact any of the operators: Tuenti, Claro, CNT or Movistar, depending on yours. The IMEI, which translates into English as International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit code that identifies each mobile phone. Similar to the citizenship card. Once the process is complete, return to the top link for ARCOTEL tucelularlegal.arcotel.gob.ec/ your legal mobile phone to check your mobile phone`s IMEI and view the updated status.

When the process is complete, return to the top link for Arcotel IMEI Ecuador Your Legal Cell Phone IMEI to check the ARCOTEL IMEI from your phone and view the updated status. The physical IMEI is located and is indicated on the phone case, under the battery or in the SIM tray, while the logical IMEI can be obtained by entering:*#06# Before buying a mobile phone at home or abroad, check the IMEI in this tool to see if the device is trusted and not reported as stolen. If you have purchased a mobile phone or are considering buying it, you should first check IMEI Ecuador as it is possible that the phone is not legal and has been stolen as declared lost and you need to make sure that it is a legal phone. One of the ways to check IMEI Ecuador is through ARCOTEL, which from its official website allows a system to check the IMEI of a terminal to verify that the mobile phone has not been stolen, lost or reported. Arcotel imei are associated with brands and models of mobile phones, so if the code is not valid, it is important not to buy the device. But what is IMEI? The IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier that allows you to globally identify and identify each of the factory-pre-registered mobile phones. Accordingly, the brand, trade name and technical model of the mobile phone should appear. The mobile phone may NOT be used, acquired or marketed, as it is an offence within the meaning of Article 117 of the Organic Law of Telecommunications. Moreover, it cannot be used in Ecuador because its use is blocked in the country.

To consult the Ecuador IMEI from mobile phones arriving in Ecuador or knowing their origin to purchase them, the Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Agency has created an online tool available at (arcotel.gob.ec). If not approved, there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will connect and function properly on the country`s mobile networks. Under “Your Legal Mobile Phone”, check which brands and models of mobile devices are properly registered in Ecuador and whether your mobile phone is reported stolen, stolen or lost by Advanced Mobile Service operators. If you have decided to register Cellular Ecuador Free Online, you can do so via the free online approval procedure by meeting the following requirements and having them prepared at the time of online approval: Through this link you can consult other articles in Contratar-turnoycita.com. Before using the tool, have the IMEI number we received before, copy or record the screen where the IMEI code is displayed. In case of doubt during the process on how to obtain the certificate of technical characteristics, you must be communicated via the following emails or phones: Whether you buy it in Ecuador or abroad, you should check the IMEI to make sure that the phone has NOT been reprogrammed or tampered with. ▶ What are the best online shops in Ecuador? Below you can easily check ARCOTEL IMEI. Follow the instructions I left for you.

‐ See【Subpoenas for Motor Vehicle Accidents】CTE. If the physical code and logic code are identical, it means that the phone is NOT tampered with. You can also check this on Arcotel`s website, which we will explain below. To check out ARCOTEL Online IMEI easily in just a few clicks, follow the steps below, which I will show you now: It also indicates whether the device is approved or not, and whether it is reported as stolen or stolen or not. I leave here the example of a positive result (approved and not reported). Go to the ARCOTEL www.arcotel.gob.ec/proceso-de-aprobacion-gratis-online/ Online Approval page. When running the mobile or tablet approval process, you can see the status of the procedure and its process, at the end of the approval process you will receive an email notification with all the information and the solution. Ecuador`s Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Authority (Arcotel) has activated a web portal to check a terminal`s IMEI, ensuring that it is not reported as stolen, stolen or lost by the operators of the advanced mobile service (Movistar, Claro and CNT). April Fool`s Day in Ecuador When and how is it celebrated? ▷ IESS Santa Elena: online procedures, phones, offices and hospitals You need to check the IMEI to know that the phone has not been reprogrammed or tampered with, that it has been approved, and that it has not been stolen, stolen or lost. Go to the ARCOTEL online approval page www.arcotel.gob.ec/tramite-gratuito-de-homologacion-en-linea/ you have the following link: Other procedures: How to register a trademark in the Senadi ✍ Verify IMEI Ecuador (Arcotel). 🚀 The IMEI is a set of 15 numbers used to identify a mobile device nationally and internationally. ✅.

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