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Vanderbilt Law School Gender Ratio

Vanderbilt Law ranks #25 in terms of tuition fees among full-time law students ($57,558). We rank out of a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and rank twice as many law schools that have different tuition fees inside and outside the state. The State has the highest number of law school graduates passed the bar examination for the period under review. The student-faculty ratio indicates the number of students for that class per faculty member. This ratio reflects admitted candidates who registered as full-time students in the fall of 2018. District Attorney for Albany County, NY; Arizona Department of Corrections; Arkansas Department of Commerce; Athens Public Prosecutor`s Office (GA); City of Columbus, OH; City of Laguna Nigel, California; Mayor of the Town of Little Rock, CA; City of St. At the time of publication of this report in spring 2019, these employment statistics reflected the most recent data available.

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