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Victorian Legal Board of Admissions

Applicants must fully disclose any matter that may be relevant to their suitability and suitability for admission to the profession of the Australian Bar and/or that a reasonable candidate would not consider favourable to assessment if they are a suitable person for admission to the practising profession. To assist applicants in determining which matters should be disclosed in the Statement of Capacity, the Victorian Legal Admissions Board recommends that applicants be required to read the disclosure guidelines for applicants for admission to the legal profession. The Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB) requires all applicants to submit student conduct reports from each Australian academic institution where they have completed the required areas to obtain their academic qualification for admission and have completed practical legal training. According to the Guide for Applicants: Certificate of Compliance, the report must disclose any incident of misconduct for which the educational institution has a record and must disclose academic and general misconduct, whether or not proven as a result of a formal procedure. Academic misconduct is defined as including, but not limited to, “plagiarism, collusion, fraud, and any other conduct in which the applicant has attempted to gain an undue academic advantage or other violation of the rules of the educational institution.” General misconduct is defined as including, but not limited to, “abusive conduct, property damage, sexual harassment, racial slurs, or other violations of the educational institution`s code of conduct.” An applicant`s duty to disclose to the school board is not limited to the matters listed in the Student Conduct Report. The link to the livestream can be found on (external link) You can find out how to enable Javascript. GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS FOR ADMISSION TO THE AUSTRALIAN BAR Please read the Admission Guide before you start your application. The guide contains the information required to obtain a certificate of conformity. TESTIFY TO DOCUMENTS IN PERSON OR VIA AN AUDIOVISUAL LINK The Victorian Legal Admission Board`s Guide for Applicants: Compliance Certificate notes that assessing a candidate`s suitability and suitability for admission to practice generally depends on the following factors: A full description of affidavits (external link) and affidavits (external link) can be found on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website. Each applicant for admission must present an original National Police Certificate issued in Australia. If an applicant over the age of eighteen has lived in a foreign country for more than two years or has been admitted to a foreign country, a foreign police report from each of these countries must be submitted.

JavaScript is required to use this service. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Email or call the Victorian Legal Admissions Board on 03 9604 2451 Each ceremony will have up to 25 candidates, each with up to one mover and two guests. The number of guests must be strictly adhered to and additional guests will not be accommodated. The Victorian Legal Admissions Board is a statutory body that performs functions relating to the admission of lawyers to Victoria under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (external link). Applicants must provide two declarations of character and, for applicants admitted to foreign jurisdictions, two declarations of a foreign character. The conditions for admission to practice are governed by the Council for Legal Education and the Examination Board. There are three main requirements for admission to practice: academic; Internship; and aptitude, which includes character and conduct (see admission procedure) For the latter, it is necessary that the candidate adheres to the examination board that he is a person suitable for admission to the profession (§ 15 Uniform Act for the Legal Professions, Schedule 1 of the Act on the Implementation of the Uniform Law on the Legal Profession 2014. Please refer to the FAQ section (external link) of our website to assist you with your request.

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