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Which Business Can I Start with 500K in Uganda

3. Cleaning the house: All you need is to buy cleaning products, and you start hitting people`s homes and asking for jobs. Watermelon is one of the favorite fruits of Ugandans. Therefore, growing watermelon is a very lucrative business idea for you. The fertile soil of the land is very good for growing watermelons. Start your watermelon farm on a large property with good seeds and fertilizers. So, if you are someone like us who loves to have our own business, then this article is for you. These are real concerns. No one wants to fail and worse, go into debt if it doesn`t work. I hear you; The good news is that we live in a time when starting a business doesn`t have to be so scary or attach you financially. 7. Sale of sheets and pillowcases: Buy good materials at Kiyembe and get a good tailor, start selling to people in offices. But before you look at business ideas, you too can generate your own unique business idea that perfectly matches your industry, skills, financial situation and passion.

Software installation and computer maintenance are very lucrative activities. Ugandans, especially women, pay close attention to their hairstyles and beauty treatments. This means that a salon business is a lucrative business idea for you in Uganda. Find a suitable location for your living room. Use the digital method of putting different types of hairstyles on your client`s facial image to give them different options to choose from. Almost everyone has a mobile money service registered on their line, which means anyone who needs your mobile service to pay airtime, internet, bills and also send and withdraw money. Websites are in high demand by businesses in Uganda. If you are skilled in programming and coding, you can start a web design business and make a good profit. You need to understand your clients` business and mission to design their websites. 9. Chapati Making: Find a lively area and start this chapati business, people eat daily snacks at Kikomado and Rolex (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Clothing design and sewing are sought-after businesses in Uganda.

If you know fashion design, you can make a good profit from a design sewing. Create a catalog of your creations and make dresses according to them. Sell these ready-to-wear dresses with the sewing service for your creations or on order. A good personal network and advertising will increase your profits. You can do it as an internship at home before moving on to the company, so you can master it very well. If you don`t like Ugandan movies, we`re sure you like American movies, what about Indian, Chinese and Filipino movies? etc. This is a money splitting business, but some people thought there was nothing there. Do you know how much the films you buy for 1,500 or 2,000 Ugandan shillings have been sold to retailers? In case you don`t know, their counting price is 1,000 Ugandan shillings or less per piece at the Energy Centre and Yamaha Centre, among others. Many mobile money companies are already operating in the country. They all work and are profitable. Your clientele includes both office and residential buildings.

Proper marketing and publicity will make your solar panel production business more profitable. Opening a fresh food stand is one of the companies that takes less than 500,000 Ugx to start, and it`s easy to set up anywhere in the country. Make arrangements with local fish vendors or the market for quick sales. You can also open your shop next to the farm to sell fresh fish. The profit margin is quite high. There is a high demand for IT services in Uganda. Therefore, it is a future business idea for you. They can offer IT services that include software installation, data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, system maintenance, virus removal and protection, troubleshooting, etc.

Fish also has good demand in Ugandan markets. Therefore, you can start a fish farm. This can be easily done in your garden by creating a pond or in a tank. Get an idea of fish farming before you start the business. Have you ever seen catfish? The baby of the catfish is called fingerlings. If you are a person who loves farming as well as farming, then you can venture into this business as it is very lucrative and requires certain skills. There are places where you can learn the skills, and in most cases, it won`t cost you anything. Even if you make your own breakfast, how about starting? Do you go to the office with your kitchen utensils? For this reason, restaurants and fast food outlets will never close. The village side of the country does most of the agriculture, while the urban sides focus more on business than agriculture. Our research shows that this is a stress-free lucrative business, but with 500K, you can start this business comfortably.

With the unpredictable supply of electricity in the country, there is no doubt that candle production is still profitable. A large group of Ugandans rely solely on candles to combat the unpredictable supply of electricity.

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