What we do

Together with our affiliate companies we provide the baking industry with a variety of specialty ingredients, which include glazes, fruit fillings, couvertures, baker’s yeast products, Danish pastries, candied fruits, cream and fruit fillings and bread products (grains, mixes and improvers).


Since 2003, we have also provided safe and convenient liquid egg products via our Egg Station facility. Today, Egg Station production is being expanded and aims to supply first-rate E.U. standard products to 10 countries.

Our Mission

We are serving the bakery industry to be continuously thriving with best ingredients, expertise and knowledge to create value in the supply chain.


We also created Richemont Masterbaker – the first specialized bakery & pastry institution, aims to bring Swiss standards of quality and precision to the region. Our constant pursuit of perfection is promoted through the highest level of education and preparation of production knowledge to our industry and its professionals.