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The ultimate goal of Law Offices of Osas Iyamu LLC is to keep families together and achieve their immigration goals. We help you understand which immigration category is best for you and your family by providing professional advice every step of the way. Immigration lawyer Osas Iyamu and her staff have successfully represented several of K1 Fiancé Visa clients at various U.S. embassies around the world, ensuring that visa applicants meet all legal requirements for the K1 visa. A consultation with a competent immigration attorney will provide you with the relevant information and legal, financial and documentary requirements of your case. In addition, it will also help you set realistic expectations for the immigration process so that you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and possible pitfalls in your case. U.S. immigration law allows foreign family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to become lawful permanent residents of the United States (obtain a green card), based on qualified family relationships. An eviction process can be incredibly stressful for a person and their family. However, proper legal advice during the deportation process will allow you to understand the law and all the facilities and defences against deportation that may be available if justified.

We represent and represent our clients who may be deported from the United States. If you or someone you know is threatened with deportation, our immigration office can defend you throughout the process. In many cases, legal representation during a deportation process can significantly influence whether or not an immigrant is allowed to remain in the United States. A person can automatically be a U.S. citizen by law, at birth or after birth, without knowing it. Immigration Attorney Osas will be happy to help you determine if you are an American. Citizen or if you are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship by naturalization. We represent and represent immigrant clients locally in and around Ocala, nationally in all fifty states and internationally before U.S. consulates and embassies around the world. The K1 visa, also known as the fiancée visa, makes cross-border love a reality.

For many U.S. citizens with foreign fiancées outside the U.S., K1 is the fastest way to immigrate to the U.S. If K-3 visa and immigrant visa (Form I-130) applications are approved at the same time, or if Form I-130 is approved prior to the K3 visa application, K-3 visa entitlement ends. The Ocala division is headquartered in downtown Ocala, Florida. It serves Citrus, Lake, Marion and Sumter counties. A job offer or investment opportunity is not a guarantee of obtaining immigration status in the United States. Therefore, understanding the law, its application and the professional assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer is crucial for a positive outcome. “Lawyer Osas Iyamu is very thorough and pays great attention to detail.

Osas Iyamu`s law firm was a perfect fit for me, as Ms. Osas had had a similar experience once. Schedule a consultation to get answers to any questions you may have about U.S. citizenship and naturalization. The ultimate mission of all the immigration work we do is to make American citizens. There are several ways to obtain U.S. citizenship. These include: Every K-3 eligible dependent child is eligible for K-4 visa classification and permanent resident status. With professional immigration advice, employees and investors can obtain permanent resident status (green card) faster and less stress through employment and investment opportunities in the United States. Osas Iyamu, LLC Law Firm provides immigration advice anywhere in the world by: The K-3 nonimmigrant spouse visa is for the foreign spouse of a U.S. citizen for whom an immigrant visa application (Form I-130) has already been filed but not yet approved. The courthouse is wheelchair accessible, with ramps on either side of the main entrance, elevators and a high wheelchair counter in the admissions office.

Contact the clerk`s office if additional accommodation is required. Immigration client testimony by Mr. & Mrs. Grizzle about immigration lawyer Osas Iyamu. As a federal immigration law firm in Ocala, Florida, immigration attorney Osas Iyamu and his staff represent clients locally, nationally and internationally: Please call (800) 974-6480 or text us / WhatsApp at (352) 237-2403 to make an appointment! Current and potential clients who cannot take time off during the week are encouraged to use our Saturday availability to discuss their immigration cases. There are no designated parking spaces for the courthouse, but there are several paid parking lots and paid parking nearby. What to expect when immigration lawyer Osas Iyamu is working on your immigration case? The K-3 spouse visa is designed to shorten the physical separation between the foreign spouse and the spouse with U.S. citizenship by allowing the foreign spouse to enter the United States with a K3 visa status valid for 2 years.

The K3 foreign spouse has the right to wait for approval of the immigrant visa application (Form I-130) and then apply for permanent resident status (green card) in the United States. Our experienced immigration attorney can facilitate your immigration to the United States by working on your case, from initial immigration advice for a visa application to naturalization and acquisition of U.S. citizenship. “She`s the best lawyer ever!!!!! We appreciate her and appreciate everything she has done!!!!!! Thank you very much! After we met her for the FIRST time, we knew she was the right one!!!!!! I`m glad we found it! There are two different types of family-based immigrant visa categories that allow U.S. citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members to obtain permanent resident status (green card) in the United States. Prosecutor Iyamu managed to obtain K-3 nonimmigrant visas for his clients and achieved his immigration goals. Thanks to technology, distance is not a barrier to our cooperation with you to achieve your immigration goals. Golden-Collum Memorial Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse To obtain permanent resident status, a petitioner cannot sponsor extended family members such as grandparents, aunts and cousins. Once we have selected the appropriate category for your individual case, when you are ready, we will begin preparing your visa application and help you navigate through each step of the immigration process. There are several visa options when it comes to investing, working or doing business in the United States.

But choosing the right one for you can be difficult. That`s where the international immigration law firm Law Offices of Osas Iyamu LLC comes in. We provide employment and business immigration services to clients around the world, helping employers, workers and investors determine the right type of visa. K1 fiancé visa applications are usually meticulously reviewed by the United States. Immigration officers, and there are many reasons why a K1 fiancé visa might be denied. Immigration lawyer Osas Iyamu, an experienced international immigration lawyer, will patiently educate you and advise you on the appropriate immigration classification and category based on your unique situation and the facts you present. Certain categories of work visas require a certificate of employment from the U.S. Department of Labor. The labor certification shows that there are not enough willing and qualified U.S. workers for the position and that no U.S. workers will be replaced by such a job. The following family members belong to the immediate relative category: The courthouse is open from 8:00 a.m.

to 5:00 p.m. The Clerk`s office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Both are open Monday to Friday, except holidays. In-office and virtual video or telephone consultations are available. Whether your family immigration destination is a marriage-based green card or you are a child or parent of a U.S. citizen, immigration attorney Osas Iyamu will help you adjust the most appropriate strategy for your immigration to the United States. So, if you`re struggling to understand your immigration options, have questions about your U.S. citizenship, or are facing deportation proceedings, feel free to contact Osas Iyamu`s law firm today, regardless of your country. A person`s class depends on their age, marital status, relationship to the applicant and immigration status.

Avoid the grief of denial and plan your immigration counselling! Law Offices of Osas Iyamu LLC is a renowned and accomplished immigration law firm in Ocala, Florida, focused exclusively on immigration law services in the United States. While everyone`s situation is unique, we have an unwavering commitment to the success of every immigration case that comes before us. Because U.S. immigration law is constantly evolving, it`s important to seek advice from a reputable family law attorney to complete your immigration process quickly and quickly. When you work with us, you can be sure that you will receive all the support you need to navigate the complex United States.

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